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Our Focus

A few areas EduHelp specialises


Parent Consultation - guiding parents, assisting them with concerns and how to assist their child in the school system

  • Tips for management of homework.
  • Finding the right study method for your child.
  • Identifying possible learning differences.
  • Helping your child discover their strengths and challenges.
  • Developing a healthy and positive self-esteem. How to give your child a holistic backing - so that they can develop their current abilities by looking at academics (mentally), socially (developing friendships and networks) and emotionally (self-awareness).
  • Helping you find the appropriate assistance for your child (understanding what the roles of the various medical/remedial/tutoring professionals do).

Assisting pre-grade R, Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase learners struggling to read and write as well as numeracy skills. Helping them adjust to the school system

  • Children may struggle with the transition from one grade to the next. EduHelp assists with this adjustment.
  • We maintain the child’s confidence and self-esteem, whilst addressing their educational needs.
  • Using techniques personalised for each child, we work on their problem areas or on improving their existing skills and abilities.
  • We offer a safe and loving place for children who may excel academically, yet socially and emotionally need assistance to grow.
  • We assist children with reading difficulties, who mix letters and reverse numbers, or who struggle to sit still and have low attention spans.
  • Spelling, comprehension and language concepts.


Preparing Grade R for Grade 1

  • We develop your child’s visual, hearing, movement and touch skills, improving their number and alphabet knowledge - The basics of numeracy and language skills.
  • We enhance your child’s expression skills, allowing them to ask questions with ease and learn independently.
  • We use your child’s preferred learning methods, working with them according to their ability, and progress at a level that is comfortable for them.
  • We develop your child’s creative and analytical abilities, laying a solid foundation for educational and social growth.


Preparation for Grade 8

  • We prepare Grade 7 learners for High School by developing confident communication skills, enhancing their creative thinking and helping them with advanced level English.
  • We work with your child to develop emotional and academic readiness for High School.


Children struggling with English? We assist learners from Grades 0 to 12.

  • Understanding the foundations and concepts of English.
  • Writing, spelling and grammar.
  • Comprehension and reading.
  • Orals, story telling and essays.
  • Research and creative writing.
  • Learning English using your own skills.
  • Writing, reading and orals.
  • Orals, story telling and essays.
  • Presentations and essays.


EduHelp focuses on specialised enrichment, facilitation and support learning: the remediation process from a positive perspective:

  • specialised enrichment and support.
  • helping children with learning challenges as well as children with diagnosed and recognised disabilities.
  • experience in Aspergers, ADHD/ADD, Downs Syndrome amongst others.
  • a special interest in dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dyslexia and specific language impairment.
  • learning differently to accommodate all learners.
  • holistic approach.
  • emotional work/life skills.