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Workshop Information

EduHelp Workshops



Study Smart: Intermediate Phase

- 5 study methods catering to different learning styles and abilities

- Teaches learners foundational effective time management (this is carried into the following workshop in detail)

- Makes studying fun and eliminates exam and test stress

- One parent attends they are given specific guidance on how to create the optimal study environment and how to best support their child

Study Smart: High School     

- 5 study methods catering to different learning styles and abilities. 

- Teaches learners effective time management (this is carried into the following workshop in detail)

- Makes learning fun and eliminates exam stress

- Guided practical application time 

Study Smart: Comprehensive Studies

This workshop looks at studying from a different angle. Our topic focus is specifically designed to cater for high school or intermediate phase learners to show them the following:

- Time Management (free time, study time, revision time and homework time) - how to find designated times for these creating a timetable

- Work Management - how to pair subjects, subject concepts lists and weighing up my work and create a practical and study smart timetable (a series of practical steps are provided)

- Study Management - different types of learners (How do I learn?), what methods should I use when learning and a comprehensive discussion on what techniques each individual child can use

- Understanding exam and test questions and how best to answer them in exams (learn all about the EduHelp DIA and EduHelp SEE)



Listening, Boundaries and Behaviours

This workshop is specifically designed for parents with tweens and teenagers although many of the techniques can be applied with younger children therefore this workshop is open to any parent who would like to attend.

This workshop looks at assisting parents on how to build a solid relationship with their child through listening, setting boundaries and consequences/rewards for behaviours. The toughest job of being a parent is 'discipline' - what is age appropriate?

Some of the topics we look at are: 

- active listening

- feelings and behaviours related to emotions

-  boundaries (setting up age-appropriate 'rules' and creating a relationship based on respect)

- personal boundaries

- behaviours - consequences and rewards related to your child's actions