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“Special Interests in assisted learning, facilitation, learning challenges, learning differences and support learning”

– more than just a tutor

About Melissa Joyce van Hal (van Oordt) | Pinelands, Cape Town

My academic, working and professional experience is extensive and extends to well over a decade, heading towards two decades in a couple of years. It all started when I worked in the front shop of a pharmacy at the tender age of 16. I realised I had a strong connection with people: the ability to empathise, understand and offer appropriate as well as practical advice when needed. I continued to work in this field until I completed my undergraduate degree. Whilst studying my Masters, I worked as a university tutor. I taught classes of 10+ students. However, my favourite role was guiding students with learning challenges or disabilities.

On completion of my Masters, the travel bug bit and I studied to become a scuba diver instructor in Nha Trang, Vietnam. My inspiration to teach and help people learn something new in an exciting and different manner that they thrived from. When I returned to Durban, I was employed as a Scuba Diving and Emergency First Responder Instructor. My work was always filled with fun, adventure and pride. I had a variety of clients. There were some who had unique situations which challenged me to adapt and adjust my teaching methods. Interestingly, the age of my clients ranged from 10 years to 75 years.

I was emersed in teaching and helping my students but desired managerial experience so life led me to decide to be Area Manager for a large Educational Firm. My dream of working with children kept calling and subsequently, I started working at an educational centre (as the Head of the English Section). I managed, supervised and taught 110 learners with the aid of the lovely staff who worked for me.

In 2009, EduHelp was born. I have worked with a range of learners from age 4 to university level catering for different levels of abilities, learning differences or challenges. I also work with adults who are differently abled. My teaching experiences include working individually; working with small and large groups as well as running courses. I have created and tailor-made programs for individuals as well as developing and holding workshops. My work has had remarkable results (and changed many children’s and adults’ lives for the better).

My experience was furthered when I wrote for Educational Publishing Houses and for my own business (a published poet in my own right too). My writing was inspired by my difficulties with dyslexia and ADHD; I have always aimed at providing works that are easily accessible to the public by ensuring that it is comprehensive, fun, versatile and appealing. Alongside Loudine, we are working on a few projects and am hoping to release the first EduHelp book shortly!

My highest level of qualification is a Masters Degree. My undergraduate and graduate studies covered a variety of subjects with a special focus on Linguistics, Psychology, Child Development, English, Media, Visual Arts as well as Cultural and Environmental History. During my studies, I thrived on the interaction of meeting so many diverse individuals and learning from the professionals who taught me. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and educating individuals.

My path has always be intertwined with studies and they seem to be an integral part of my life and help me achieve my dream of helping individuals (with a specific focus on children) achieve their potential.

I believe that a holistic approach is necessary to provide the best support and learning environment for each individual.

Experience and Qualifications (but not limited to)

  • BA Majors: History and Visual Art History (UCT)
  • BA Honours: Counselling Psychology (UNISA)
  • MA: History (UKZN)
  • BA Honours: History (UCT)
  • Psychology: (UNISA)
  • EFR Instructor (First Aid)
  • Leftnet Facilitation Level 2
  • Attend regular workshops on learning challenges, counselling, coaching, teaching and facilitation
  • 13 years working experience with adults and children learning English
  • 13 years working experience with individuals and learning challenges
  • 2 years tutoring at university level
  • 2 years working with disability students at university level
  • 2 years managerial experience in a remedial facility run by a top-class renowned remedial specialist
  • 13 years remedial experience
  • 10 years facilitation, enrichment and support learning
  • Management, Ownership and Facilitator of EduHelp
  • Diagnosed dyslexic and ADHD individual who personally understands the challenges of struggling through school
  • Another primary focus is assisting children to become more confident in class. EduHelp is a highly individualised programme that is completely different to tutoring


About Loudine Heunis | George and Mossel Bay

I first became fascinated with psychology in my early teens, when I started reading my father’s psychology text books. He is a retired educational psychologist, and I remember watching him mark assessment tests when I was very young, and having countless questions about what he was doing and what it all entailed! Fast forward to my mid-twenties when I was working as au pair with a wonderful family in Cape Town. After getting to know me a little, and seeing my work with her kids, the mother of my charges enthusiastically encouraged me to study child psychology. I enrolled at Unisa and completed my BA degree in Psychology, after which I was accepted into the government English teaching programme in South Korea. I spent the next 6 ½ years teaching English to students of all levels of ability, from teenagers with learning and psycho-social challenges in mainstream inclusive classes, to advanced discussion classes at university level and teaching adults after hours. I finished my B(Hons) degree while in Korea, and then proceeded with a MA degree in child studies with the Open University.

It was during my undergraduate degrees that I discovered my true passion: early childhood development and education. I am absolutely fascinated by how young children learn and make sense of the world as it unfolds around them. Each child truly is unique, as is their way of understanding, learning and connecting concepts, forming their own world view. I am committed to learning as much as I can about the ways in which different children learn, and how they work with their own abilities and challenges to acquire knowledge and skills. Towards this end, I am excited to help students through offering enrichment sessions, and working with them to reach their own developmental and academic goals. I plan to pursue a research degree in early childhood development in the future, but for now I am enjoying being back in South Africa and immersing myself in remedial assistance and enrichment.

I have noticed the lack of Afrikaans worksheets available online, and plan to offer worksheets at different grade levels through EduHelp. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for enrichment help in the George/Mossel Bay area, or for Afrikaans worksheets.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • MA in Childhood & Youth (Open University of the UK)
  • B(Hons) Psychology (Unisa)
  • BA Psychology (Unisa)
  • TEFL (mytefl & TESOLSA)
  • Diploma in Journalism & Multi-media (CitiVarsity)
  • English lecturer (Mokpo National University, 2015 – 2017)
  • English teacher (Inpyeong Middle School, 2011 – 2015)
  • KOTESOL regional chapter leadership (2014)
  • KOTESOL regional chapter presentation: dyslexia in the EFL classroom (2014)
  • KOTESOL member (2013 – 2015)
  • English tutor/home-schooling instructor (2011)
  • Au Pair (2003 – 2011)