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Community Service and Involvement

Pro Bono Lessons:

EduHelp offers pro bono lessons to learners from low or no income backgrounds. Financial Statements and proof of financial difficulties MUST be proven to receive pro bono lessons.

Currently, no pro bono lessons are available. Our learner in take for the year has been filled. New slots will become available if a learner cannot attend anymore. EduHelp only avails slots when one of the current pro bono learners stops.

You are welcome to send in an application and be added to the waiting list. Places are not guaranteed (please send in an email with your full name, your child’s full name, the school your child attends, contact numbers and/or email address and a motivation why your child should receive pro bono). Proof of your financial status will be requested when there is a potential slot for your child. Your child’s acceptance will be approved after the consideration of your financial status.

Kindly note: EduHelp has an extensive waiting list. EduHelp does not offer discounted fees.

Workshops for Teachers and Parents:

EduHelp offers workshops to assist parents or teachers. There must be a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 people to request a workshop. There is a standard fee for the workshops. However, to support the community a financial discount can be applied for by those wishing to attend. Financial proof of the individual’s circumstances must be attached when applying for a workshop. The minimum fee will include the cost of the materials and administration to put a workshop together.

EduHelp does not receive any support (financial or otherwise) from an outside company so the time given and materials allocated are from EduHelp resources. Companies who would be willing to offer financial support to our community projects would be appreciated.

*EduHelp is a small business and the profit of EduHelp is minimal compared to a large companies’ income. EduHelp does not have a large amount of resources due to financial restraints.