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Our Focus

EduHelp Areas of Interest


Parent Consultation

Guiding parents, assisting them with concerns and how to assist their child in the school system

  • Homework Management Tips
  • Study Methods
  • Assistance identifying possible signs of learning differences and referrals to the appropriate and recommended professional. Please note we do not diagnose.
  • How to discover your child’s their strengths and challenges.
  • How to give your child a holistic backing - so that they can develop their current abilities by looking at academics (mentally), socially (developing friendships and networks) and emotionally (self-awareness).

Assisting pre-grade R, Grade R, Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase learners

Literacy, Numeracy and Adjusting the Schooling System/Classroom

  • Grade Transition
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Educational support
  • Using techniques personalised for each child, we work on their challenges and/or on improving their current skills and abilities.
  • We offer a safe and loving place for children who may excel academically, yet socially and emotionally need support.
  • Literacy and reading difficulties
  • Numeracy difficulties
  • Low attention spans
  • Difficulties sitting still
  • Organisational Skills
  • Comprehension
  • Expression
  • Writing


Preparing Grade R for Grade 1

  • Visual, hearing, movement and touch skills
  • Foundations of numeracy and language skills: number and alphabet knowledge
  • Skills needed School Readiness
  • We enhance your child’s expression skills, allowing them to ask questions with ease and learn independently
  • We use your child’s preferred learning methods, working with them according to their ability, and progress at a level that is comfortable for them.
  • We develop your child’s creative and analytical abilities, laying a solid foundation for educational and social growth.

Preparation for Grade 8

  • We prepare Grade 7 learners for high school: emotional and academic readiness
  • Developing confident communication skills, comprehension abilities as well as creative, abstract and analytical thinking
  • Written and oral skills
  • Study and revision methods

Grades 0 – 12

Struggling with Comprehension? Difficulties reading with meaning? Writing with Expression? Expressing your thoughts? Finishing work on time? Study Struggles?

  • Understanding the foundations and concepts of English
  • Reading, comprehension and writing
  • Essays, assignments, tests and exams
  • Orals, storytelling and presentations
  • Research
  • Learning using your own skills


EduHelp focuses on enrichment, facilitation and support learning

  • individual and tailor-made enrichment and support
  • learning challenges as well as diagnosed and recognised disabilities
  • experience in Aspergers, ADHD/ADD, Downs Syndrome amongst others
  • a special interest in dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dyslexia and specific language impairment
  • learning differently to accommodate all learners
  • holistic approach
  • life skills