"Change Learning, Change Lives"

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AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER STUDY WORKSHOPS - start preparing now for the end of year exams. We have two tailored workshops: Intermediate phase and High School. Our workshops include study methods, time management, managing subject material and study management! CONTACT US NOW!

EduHelp reveals each child's individual potential and strengths to help them achieve socially and academically


Helping all children achieve more!

  • We use the senses and different learning techniques to help children work within the schooling system.

  • "space practice" or "the interval approach" which EduHelp refers to as "delayed repetition" - repeating information over "spaced intervals" - learning a concept, taking a break (focusing on a new topic), return to the previous concept - over an extending period of time - using a cyclical approach (revisiting concepts and building knowledge).

  • read, write, comprehend and express with confidence


has a positive, unique and specialised approach to assist ALL children.

EduHelp believes in helping children work with their strengths to bridge the learning difference gap. There is no “quick fix” or making “problems disappear” because just like adults, children also have differences. It is not about creating an “A” learner it is about developing a child’s abilities and skills. No ability or skill is constant (hence why we call them “current abilities”) because these change and children progress.

About Melissa Joyce van Oordt

  • MA in History (UKZN)
  • BA (Honours) in History
  • Psychology (UNISA)
  • Honours: Counseling Psychology
  • EFR Instructor
  • 13 Years experience working with adults and children who struggled with English and had learning challenges
  • 2 Years managerial experience in a remedial facility, under a renowned, top-class remedial specialist, managing the English section with over 100 learners and 4 team members.
  • A diagnosed dyslexic and ADHD who has been through and personally understands the challenges of struggling through school.


A few areas we have a special interest and expertise are

Preparation for Grade 8

  • We prepare Grade 7 learners for High School by developing confident communication skills, enhancing their creative thinking and helping them with advanced level English.

How EduHelp Works


We assess your child

The first appointment is an EduHelp assessment to understand your child’s reading, writing and spelling difficulties and how we could best assist your child. 






Thanks to Laurence Thorne for his photographic work